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Clean Sports India

Sports in India has sadly tuned into a huge field for politicians to gambol on. As the spectators watch helplessly, these politicians shamelessly take advantage of the bureaucracy, and try to gain the maximum monetary advantage for themselves out of various aspects in sports. It is a very heart rending sight to watch. Earlier, they used to be more discrete. But with the passage of time, they have become more open, and are now completely shameless. The newspapers scream headlines every now and then about the ways in which they are taking unfair advantage of the situations. The recent Commonwealth Games scam was a huge blot on the face of the country. The bureaucrats are too much wrapped up in unnecessary “procedures” and “talks” while politicians have the last laugh.

Clean sports India is a very special and a one of a kind organisation. It has rightly identified the 2 main detractors to the path of India’s glory in the world of sports. The first and foremost is the bureaucracy. In most of the sports clubs and organisations, we find the people who are chairing the top positions, and have all the power to make the decisions regarding the strategies, financial policies and picking teams and so on, often have zero or little experience in sports. These people are generally equipped with fancy degrees, or have been handpicked by the previous top management officials, and they have absolutely no idea about sports. Thus, they don’t feel passionately about it, and are only concerned with making profits.

The second factor, especially in the kind of sports that are part of the Olympics, is that of drug abuse. Too many sportsmen in India, under the pressure to perform, often resort to drugs and steroids that are not permitted by international sports laws. It is a huge shame when they get caught. The reason behind this may be that Indian diets are less nutritious than those of western players. Thus, Indians often don’t have the stamina that is required to compete. They thus resort to drug abuse, which eventually gets caught. Cleans Sports India has taken an oath to prevent the use of these drugs, and to promote ethical and fair sports in India.

They have a very beautifully strategized plan to accomplish this. They aim to firstly spread the awareness of their objectives by organising various meetings and events around the country. The events are simple things like marathon runs, walks, games, and so on. They also plan to organise seminars in various cities and reach out to as much of the youth as they can. Next, they plan to organise themselves into the groups or functions as per the individual interest. The members will then join various sports organisations, clubs and so on. They will try to promote the message of clean sports, and prevent drug abuse as much as they can. They will also try to influence the managements to appoint only true and experienced sports people in various positions of power. They are prepared to face the consequences of whatever happens.

Clean Sports India has already launched several successful events, including awareness runs in Mumbai and Bangalore. They have several more such programmes coming up at Chennai and Delhi. You can contribute by either giving them a donation or by being an active member. If you are a sportsperson who feels passionately about these things, you can join their cause, and support these guys. We need plenty of organisations like these which can help India reach the zenith of its real glory in sports, by tackling the most basic issues.

By: Anindita Chatterjee

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