An Interview With Pratik Shinde, Young Indian Footballer

Pratik Shinde

Pratik Shinde

The Sports Mirror correspondent, Bibin Alexander caught up with Pratik Shinde, India’s youngest US Soccer League player in an interview and here’s what the Pratik had to say:

Bibin: How do you feel being a part of such a big Club Galveston Pirate SC?

Pratik: It’s fantastic for me and a big opportunity I will take with both feet.

Bibin: What do you think is the turning point in your career?

Pratik: Getting a call from Coach Brendan Keyes asking me to come play in America.

Bibin: Who is the person according to you, who has always helped you to achieve your dreams?

Pratik: My mother is my hero and best friend; she has giving up a lot for me and worked hard so I could play Football.

Bibin: Who is your Role Model? And Why?

Pratik: My role model is my mother as I have mentioned in last question, but also my coach here and also my new coach in America Coach Brendan Keyes for all the hard work he is doing and for offering me the chance to play at a higher level.

Bibin: Where do you see yourself after 6 to 7 more years?

Pratik: I hope to be playing professional in America or Europe and representing India in the World Cup.

Bibin: What you think, whether your move to a foreign club will surely help in development of the Game in India?

Pratik: I will pass on my experience to all the kids in India, I will be getting trained from Coach Brendan Keyes who is a USSF National Coach, FAI National Coach and holds a sport Management and Scouting Diploma from SMWW, so I believe I will greatly benefit all in Indian football as I will bring back my training to my beloved India.

Bibin: What you think according to you is your strength and your weakness?

Pratik: My strength is my character and never gives up on anything attitude, if you want something in life never give up.  I love Football and want to play Professional and I will not ever give up on my dream. weakness is my heart I will miss my family especially my mother.

Bibin: What would you do to improve the condition of Indian football?

Pratik: I would like to bring coaches like Coach Brendan Keyes to Indian not just for camps but to work with the kids’ full time.  Yes we would need more money and support from sponsors but it would greatly benefit Indian Football the best game in the world.

Bibin: How do you think you will manage your lifestyle and cope up everything in USA?

Pratik: I don’t think it will be hard as I have been talking to my coach and his family who I will live with when I arrive in USA everyday for 3 months now. Coach Keyes has told me how wonderful USA is and as he is from Ireland originally he understands what it takes to be in foreign country.

Bibin: In the end would you like to give any messages to your fans and well wishers?

Pratik: Yes I would like to thank everyone from India for support they have shown me and my family, they are helping me achieve my dream.  I thank my mother, my coach and Coach Keyes with Galveston Pirate for giving me this chance to play in America. And please support the Pirate Soccer Club.

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