Wenger, You Are Self-Degrading Arsenal Fans

While watching your team play, if you feel like kicking then its frustration, if you feel like abusing then its expectation but when feel like hanging your head down then its shame Mr. Wenger.

Wenger, you are self-degrading Arsenal fans

Wenger, you are self-degrading Arsenal fans

Although Arsenal doesn’t have any players who can neither score goals nor stop opposition, there is sense of hope, sense of belief and sense of respect towards the team and manager Arsene Wenger going into the toughest match of the season against defending champions Manchester United. At the side of the heart, all arsenal fans knew loss is at door step of Man United but only thing they wish is fight, to see their team to fight out before going down. Draw is an achievement worth of speaking and even a respectful loss doesn’t stop Arsenal fans from walking with heads high.

But what happened yesterday is disgrace, a disgrace which was feared to be nearer to happen for Arsenal after dismal performance in match after match from the start of the season has arrived at Old Trafford. In the ransom fire of criticism for Wenger, support came from the unexpected rival man Ferguson who stated “He is best for them and who can replace him? He has done that no one ever thought Arsenal can”. With all due respect to Arsene Wenger, yes! He has done impossible possible for Arsenal and still doing it. It is like cycle now, decent to superb team and superb to decent team. No one ever thought Arsenal will go trophy less for 6 years after 2004/05 season, its 2196 long days and a mammoth 52,704hrs. It’s a failure in 4 tournaments with as many as 6 chances in each of them so far yet the respect or love or passion towards club prevailed but it hit rock bottom yesterday. Comen! Wenger, change yourself, let your ego go down for god sake!

Once looted the opposition with their style of play, they are starving for ball now. What wrong Vieira done? What mistake Mathieu Flamini commit? What shame Henry bought? Are they become ugly as they get older, so you don’t like them? One, two – ok and three – may be, but almost every player were sold with a reason of age. If you thought of selling Henry, then season early would made him the highest paid player in Barca along with record signing fees but you denied transfer and next season he was asked to leave. Arsenal could have easily snapped up Bojan along with same 26million transfer fees for Fabregas had Wenger let him go a month earlier.

Arsenal is becoming full of joke now. It’s like a team playing in U-21 tournament where 17yr olds were bought for 10millions but 21yr old players are bargained for cheap. Defenders are attacking, attackers are defending and midfielders are just watching for Arsenal team now. The players are in desperation now, it showed in the way they react for situation and there is no real confidence flowing in playing. You can sense that, feel that in Wenger face. He doesn’t know what to do and how to inspire leave apart about winning. In my 8 years of watching Arsenal never, I never ever saw them play so badly, it’s just awful. Possible at best the worst you can do!

8-2 loss to a team that was on par even last season, Arsene disgrace lasts longer than sweating glorious.

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