Defeat Is An Orphan

“Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan” – this orphanhood is hitting third time for Andy Murray in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam. Generally folks tell, losing also requires some talent, and losing builds the road to success, and also this one- losing to the enemy is not bad, but one should always put a great deal of fight and bravery in the game. Winning close showers accolades to the winner for his dexterity but losing close puts the runner in a misery.

US Open - Andy Murray

US Open – Andy Murray

Nadal, the supreme player made Andy tired and fanatic towards the mid-course of the game. Losing the third successive time, to the same opponent is very bitter to experience. The Spanish superman spent all his energy and wildness against Murray. It was a log day for Andy and yet he showed up for four sets, giving his best in the third one. As the day vanished, Murray just buried himself by getting highly frustrated and exhausted. Frustrations expend a huge amount of energy, pertaining to mental stability. As a matter of fact, Nadal did not become the superman instead Murray failed from his original style and energy levels and this granted the gift of double break for Rafael.

Andy though felt bad for not showing up a good show at the semi-finals, it is a tsunami-like hit to his confidence from Nadal. Andy though is losing to the Spaniard, I guess his game has to appreciated, just his styles faded off in his dwindling levels of stamina. GB has never seen such a versatile tennis player, after Fred Perry, the country has groomed him to the best. Murray is playing shoulder-to-shoulder in the era of the man with ten Grand Slams, Nadal, the man to sustain the No. 1 ranking for the longest period, Roger and the man who always hits the above all from left, right and center, Novak! I wonder how the Swiss plays so wonderfully, how to be wild and powerful like the Spaniard, how to reach heights and smile back at the enemies like the Serbian, but this time I wish this Scot could have won the Grand Slam [The “S” syndrome], a tired game but a good game. Had he not had a long-tiring session the previous day, things would have been different.

Losing may bring orphanhood according to JFK, but it is certainly taking Murray to a higher level. For the time being, Andy is a sore loser, redefining confidence and skills!

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