Roger Federer: Needs A Dose Of Confidence

Is Roger Federer fading out of the arena? As it was always conceived all that Roger had to do with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic is to have a huge leap of hope and faith. He needs a dose of faith to rule the tennis jungle again. The jungle spares none.

Roger Federer: Needs a dose of confidence

Roger Federer: Needs a dose of confidence

The Swizz horsepower, 30 year legend, an adorable dad hopes to rise the trophy and dreams of it every time he steps on to the semi-final circle. Out there in the penultimate round he breaks down morally as he sees the winners and champions on the other side, more than seeing the winner on the other side of the net, he sees a loser in the self. The enemy is not the other player, it is the self!

Where can Roger get the magic dose of motivation? It is no longer “quitters do not win” the aphorism has now become “psychologically-broken do not win”. Coming back to the finals and lifting the trophy is more applauded and escalated if the hero comes from a flop-show, fans love the game more than that the confidence. The trophies going to an unconquered hero makes the game monotonous and less challenging. Fans want to see the ultimate climax with most entertaining game, the Pete-Federer duo did not last long, and Roger took over and became the unconquered. The dot became a line when Nadal joined the league to increase the propensity of competition. It is now evolving in shape, Novak is in, to beat the two and eat the title.

I curiously want to know what Novak eats for breakfast and dinner during the matches- that is other than Nadal and Federer for lunch or supper.

Learn the tennis from Roger, the power features from Nadal, the vulpine yet ethical show from Novak, but not the motivation and the willpower from any of these great men. We have the most precious legend that the world has ever seen, Pete Sampras. The “Rise of Roger” saw just the “Fall of Pete” but the “Nadal-Novak Rule” is seeing the “Downfall of Roger”! Sampras was a man with the most remarkable determination and stone like confidence, loser by the game but legend by the strength.

Roger can have the confidence only by lifting some trophy soon in reality. He will be heading to China before the 2011 ATP World Tour, Finals at London for the Shanghai Rolex Masters to see some glory showering over him.

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