Medals are not all that important in Olympics

Agony, disappointment, hope, will, dream, determination and victory – all is what makes a sport.

 I heard and read, “Olympics is meant to appreciate the humanism and rejuvenate the hopes of life. It was all but most importantly about participation and being part of this great celebration. Olympics breaks all the barriers between the human beings from all over the world.” But how true are these statements? 100%. I don’t want to dump the mood by saying about all bad things happening in world and how Olympic does good in some way. If you know it, then relate it. Otherwise forget those statement and move onto next one.

Neglect the athletes about the fact that “only participation” is important. if they do, then Olympics will lose their spectacle. Because all the emotions, excitements and enthusiasm comes from the will to win. After all, they had put their life at stake. So for them participating is sufficient but winning is necessary. No all wins but also, not all measure earning a medal as win. Different athletics have different goals. A top athlete will off-course aim at medals but a budding and upcoming players aims at showing his/her talent to world; a good, improved and bettering his last performance is what he thinks as win, and a medal is dream come true.

So, what’s the way the fans and viewers from all the over the world view the Olympics? Like a festival. Yes, that’s the way to go about it. In a festival, we will see our friends or relatives or others take part in games where we cheer, roar and encourage the participants. The price of victory is capped by fun and joy. Do it same for all athletes and when your national player comes up, just give it more because obviously he/she will give back more joy to you at the end.

Drop the view that more medals shows the power of the nation in the world. Winning more medals definitely shows the development and care the nations is doing in sports. But each nation favours different kind of sports and not all available sports are included in Olympics. In case of India, sports such as cricket, chess and kabaddi are still missing in Olympic list. So, Olympics may be small yardstick to measure your or other nations development but its not the entire scenario to judge everything.

A muscle can cramp up for a runner, a high jumper may delay the bending by a second, a triple jumper may put a feet long stride than normal, a eye may just blink while firing the bow or bullet for archers and shooters respectively and etc., – all happens in a split second may result in faults and defeats. A split second is all that decides the winner actually. I am not saying something new. If you are an Indian, roll back the books or search through the Google about Milka Singh and P.T. Usha, or even Rathore on how he closely gold is missed.

Take pride in their every stride not just the final one. (

Even the best athlete may have one bad day and it may happen in Olympics. Upsets and miracles are bound to happen. After all, its not the end of world for that athlete and it was not like he/she will never bring joys & pride for your nation hereafter. There are world championship and continental games in which he/she will bring back joys.

I am not happy with the way Indian media calling the shots on our Olympic athletes like “London Olympics will be the start of an new era in Indian sports, Never before any Indian Olympics team carried this much hope and expectations, India will create history and more.” What’s the big difference between Beijing Olympics and London Olympics in India? awareness, promotion and interest. It is simple as that. I agree our talent got bigger but isn’t if your fellow mate receiving gifts for taking 1st rank will give you new motivation, inspiration and spur to do well and get that same present? Media started to bring all sports into limelight instead of just cricket and people started to take notice of them. India is long crying with the tag of “Fighting for one gold with one billion talents“. Emotions are bound to ignore the facts and the fact is, this can’t be said as our best Olympic team ever. Because we have a wrong way of measuring the best by medals won/potential.

I just want to tell my fellow Indian people that don’t get upset when someone like Deepika Kumari or Mary Kom fails to win gold or even a medal. Surely i love them to get medals. I wish to hear our national anthem and with full heart salute our athletes for giving that joy. But they are also human and nerves can get better of anyone. Even the best of best athletes in our world would have made mistakes atleast once.

Take pride in every stride of our Indian athletes. Cheer them for success, roar their names with pride and encourage when they fail because everyone goes out their with the intention of winning. A event in Olympics gives just a three winner but brings out hundreds of fighters and warriors who competed ferociously.

Competing not conquering matters!

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