Interview With Brendon Keyes – Owner And Chief Coach Of Galveston Pirate SC (USA)

Brendan Keyes

Brendan Keyes

Today we have with us Brendan Keyes the Former Professional Soccer Player, Director of Training for  Galveston Pirate SC Academy and head coach for Soccer Development, Olympic Development Coach and above all that the great man who recognized the talent of young Indian footballer Pratik Shinde. The great man has will be providing Pratik Shinde with expenses on his education, food and housing in USA and will be coaching him. The Sports Mirror correspondent, Bibin Alexander caught up with Brendan Keyes in an interview:

Bibin: How was coming from Ireland to USA and then Journey as a player now as a coach?  How does it feel?

Brendan: I came to USA in1985 to play pro as the opportunity was there, it was a natural thing for me to go from player to coach, and the transition was easy for me.

Bibin: So how do you think being a part of Galveston Pirate FC?

Brendan: The Galveston Pirate has been great for me, I had taken the SMWW, and sports management World Wide Course the year before, it helped me on my journey to running a Professional outfit.  Been the Coach of a Professional team has always been my dream and now I am living it.

Bibin: Who is your favorite player and coach and why?

Brendan: Ryan Giggs is my favorite player, longevity as a player and a total pro on and off the field a role model to any young player in the game. Sir Alex Ferguson as a coach for the same reason been there and won it, knows how to rebuild winning teams and my favorite team in Celtic F.C.

Bibin: So what made you interested in a young Indian player Pratik Shinde?

Brendan: He reminded me of myself coming from a poor back ground in Dublin Ireland, he has the desire and passion to play the game, he is a very talented player and the Video’s I have watched prove that.  He kept calling me and never gave up hope.

Bibin: Is all the formalities related to his transfer completed?

Brendan: Everything is in place for Pratik to come, we are now praying that he gets his Visa and can come over and do what he does best play football and live his dream.

Bibin: So what you think about the potential of India football players?

Brendan: Do you think they can deliver – Yes and yes, it will take time like any country were Football is not the main Sport, look how far the USA have come.  I think with India you have so many people in your country that love the sport it’s only a question of time for them to make a world cup.  The main thing is to teach the game the right way and have good trainers from grassroots level all the way up the ladder, education of the game is very important.  Make sure you have the right personnel in charge no politics.

Bibin: So do you have any favorites of yours in India football?

Brendan: Yes Pratik Shinde is my Favorite Indian Player.

Bibin: So having an excellent knowledge in scouting; what has to be done to nurture the talents ofyoung budding footballers?

Brendan: Making sure they are in the right program with the right coach and developing them at the right pace.  Sometimes kids are missing out because a coach hasn’t got the eye to scout talent and move them on. Some coaches move them on to soon, so the player development depends a lot on the personnel who run the club.  So it’s very important to have qualified Coaches in place.

Bibin: So what are your future projects?

Brendan: I would like to take Galveston Pirate on tour to Europe and Asia, I will look for future challenge to manage a team in Asia maybe India National team or club team,  I have always wanted to work in Asia and I see it in my future for sure.

Bibin: You dedicate your time for US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer); a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities?

Brendan: This is something really great how do you fell helping such people?   It is fantastic to help kids I can’t explain the feeling you have to experience it for yourself.  Giving kids a chance at anything thing in life and sharing your love of the game with them it’s an unbelievable feeling.  I am grateful for the chance to work with these kids.

Bibin: Would you like to do something to improve the situation of Indian football?

Brendan: Yes I would and I am in talks with Pratik’s coach Maloy about coming over and doing some camps.  I will for sure come to Mumbai and meet Pratik’s family and coach, do a Football Camp for the kids, bring my knowledge of over 30 years in the game to help the coaches be better with the training of players.

Bibin: What are your future pans? I mean anything which you wanted to do is still left?

Brendan: Yes I always want to improve as a coach, keep learning the game from different coaches and cultures around the world.  Coaching a National Team like my Mentor and good friend Noel Mulhall would be my dream, who knows maybe the Indian National team one day.

Bibin: What message would you like to give to the readers of Sports Mirror?

Brendan: Keep faith, have belief in yourself; no matter how hard the dream is believe you can touch it.  Pratik Shinde should be a lesson to you all, he is a young man giving it his all to reach out and touch his dream.  He has worked very hard to make this deal happen, for such a young man, I am very proud to have him on the Pirates team.   It tells you something about the Indian culture, you should be very proud as a nation that you have such characters.  Indian football will do very well as it’s a great sporting nation with Cricket already huge Football is next and I believe Indian Football will succeed because of players like Shinde and Coach Maloy.  Thank you for the interview Bibin Alexander.

It was nice talking to you and i hope that your aim to coach an Asian side come true soon. And we the football fanatics will be more than happy to see you as the national coach of India.

For more details about him you can visit his website or email him at

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